YouTube live streaming with a Hikvision 4K camera

Hikvision cameras can be dirt cheap when you source them the right way. Although they did not made a good name security wise they still can produce some decent quality, especially the 4K series. All the IP based Hikvision cameras do support RTSP streaming,...

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Best cameras for meteor detection

As you have maybe figured out, I started with a 'CCTV' camera from the infamous Hikvision corp. I know this may not be the best but it helped me get started and last but not least I had some interesting results with this camera....

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Scripting Hikvision camera's

For my meteor detecting project I've started experimenting with 'cheap' Hikvision cameras. Although they are maybe not the best for meteor detecting you can accomplish some interesting results. Hikvision IP cameras can be controlled with scripts like bash ...

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